OmniHTTPd v1.0 does not have directory and file security. This has been planned for the next release. OmniHTTPd v1.0, however, does have support for a master key for remote publishing. See below for details.

Using Master Key Security

OmniHTTPd v1.0 has support for a master write key to allow the execution of HTTP PUT and DELETE commands. A master write key is one username and password that will allow write access to the entire server. This is extremely useful for those users that want to use Netscape Gold to publish (update) web documents remotely. Due to sensitive nature of the master write key, it is recommended that it be disabled if it is not be required.

To enable the master write key, go into the server properties and activate the security dialog. Check the master key check box and enter a username and password that you will use. Use this username and password when using programs like Netscape Gold to publish to your site.

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