Using Samba

Using Samba

By Robert Eckstein, David Collier-Brown & Peter Kelly
1st Edition October 1999 (est.)
1-56592-449-5, Order Number: 4495
424 pages (est.), $34.95 (est.)

Copyright (c) 1999 by O'Reilly & Associates. This book, Using Samba, first edition, was written by Robert Eckstein, David Collier-Brown, and Peter Kelly, and published by O'Reilly & Associates. This material may be distributed only subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the license, which is presently available at

This is a modified version of the O'Reilly first edition of Using Samba.

The original was downloaded on 25 November 1999, using the command

$ wget -r -L -nc -t 3 --no-parent
My motivation for creating this version was that I wanted the book to be downloadable as a single file rather than require people to read it online. Also, I found that the version I downloaded from the O'Reilly website contained many typographical errors, apparently resulting from an imperfect machine translation from SGML to HTML. So I spent a few days carefully reading through the book to find and then fix them. And along with that, I added slightly more intelligent linking to make it easier to navigate within the book using a web browser. Here is a brief list of the changes I made:

Release 1.1, on 12 January 2000:

The most significant development for version 1.1 is that with Using Samba as a guide, I have implemented a Samba network here at the Metran Technology corporate offices, and in the process found several more errors in Using Samba to fix.

Fortunately for everyone but me, the networking setup here prevented the use of any pre-existing smb.conf configuration file, so I was reduced to creating one from scratch. Also, due to a very nonstandard host naming system in place here, I had to pick through the Fault Tree and follow all the instructions listed there. Due to these two conditions, you can be sure that I've now read most of the book very carefully!

The network here now supports Windows 98 and Windows 95 clients, as well as a Windows 98 client that is running on the same Linux system as the Samba server, under the VMware virtual machine. I also have printer sharing working from the clients, using the Linux server's printer.

Later, I hope to add a Windows NT 4.0 client, and configure Samba as a primary domain controller. Be warned that for now, the sections of the book relating to these subjects have not been checked as carefully as the rest.

As usual, I welcome reports of typos, technical errors, or any other comments you may have. What follows is an approximate list of changes made in this version.

Release 1.0, on 3 December 1999:

Let me know if you find any errors, or have suggestions for future versions.

Jay Ts

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