Introducing FileFlex

FileFlex is the ragingly-fast, cross-platform, relational database engine for multimedia, designed for creating CD-ROMs, kiosks, and interactive multimedia projects. FileFlex is fully FoxPro and Access compatible. FileFlex and FoxPro/Access can directly exchange files without conversion. FileFlex requires no special drivers and only a small amount of RAM--allowing you to add relational database capabilities to their projects at virtually no cost in system resources. FileFlex also includes dynamic, on-the-fly office-quality encryption and full-text search and retrieval capabilities. Versions of FileFlex offer multi-user capabilities and a future release will offer client/server services

FileFlex Features and Benefits
FileFlex features include:

FileFlex is a very tight code library. It is distributed as a loadable code module (a DLL under Windows and a shared library on the Macintosh). As a result, there's no need for interapplication communications and you don't have to worry about special installations for alternate applications. FileFlex also does not require any special drivers. Once you install the one code module, FileFlex is available.

FileFlex System Capacities

FileFlex supports data files according to the following limits:

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