FileFlex 3 Release Notes

FileFlex has changed drastically between Release 2 and Release 3. This chapter will help you to better understand the scope of those changes.

In short, FileFlex 3.0's "Centaur" engine is now fully FoxPro and Access compatible and supports a wide range of new functions. The product now supports cross-file true relations and relational query acceleration similar to FoxPro's Rushmore technology. Separately priced versions of FileFlex will provide fileshare-based multi-user support (including concurrent access to FoxPro data side-by-side with FoxPro apps), and a client/server version allowing remote access over TCP/IP.

We now consider FoxPro to be an essential utility to FileFlex (seriously). We do not ship a dBASE III to FoxPro format conversion tool to move your old FileFlex databases to FileFlex 3.0. You'll need to use either FoxPro or Access. The benefit is you can create, open, and modify the structure of FileFlex 3.0 databases and indexes within FoxPro.

FileFlex 3.0.1 Release Notes

FileFlex 3.0.1 introduces the Macintosh version of FileFlex 3. FileFlex 3.0.1 is a 32-bit Xtra for Director working on the PowerPC platform.

FileFlex 3.0.1 also fixes two bugs in the Windows version:

New FileFlex 3.0 Features

Here's a short list of new features in FileFlex 3.0:

New Functions

The following functions have been added to FileFlex in Release 3:

A separate multi-user version of FileFlex is also available. The following new functions are available for that version:

Modified Functions

The operation and/or syntax of the following functions have changed:

Many of the result codes have changed as well. Be sure to double check your code and use the new result codes.

Obsoleted Features and Functions

The following functions are obsolete and no longer available in FileFlex:

In addition, FileFlex no longer supports or provides so-called "Tool Xtras" for use with Director. Tool Xtras were Xtras that showed up under Director's Xtras menu. FileFlex 3 is intended solely for serious professional developers and the capability of Tool Xtras in FileFlex 2 was primarily added to appease the marketing people.

Likewise, the FileFlex Database Designer of FileFlex 2 is no longer provided. FileFlex 3 now has many more options and capabilities than the original Database Designer could handle. Frankly, the best tool for designing FileFlex 3 databases is FoxPro. Otherwise, you can create databases using the DBCreate and DBCreateAuto commands.

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