FileFlex Support

FileFlex is a highly technical product targeted at solely technical users who want to embed relational database technology within their own applications.

FileFlex Headquarters on the Web

FileFlex Headquarters, our main location for all FileFlex information and support, is our World Wide Web site for FileFlex users. This site contains the latest versions, archives of technical and marketing documents, mailings, and all sorts of other incredibly useful information. Component on the Web is located at:

This site is the first place you should look for any upgrade or free bug-fix update information, as well as answers to commonly asked questions. Remember, the very latest version of this manual is available here for browsing and downloading.

"New customers: You should immediately visit to download the latest releases of FileFlex."

FileFlex Discussion Boards

Component maintains very active discussion message boards for FileFlex on the web site. This is probably your best first-visit place to get help about FileFlex and to see questions and answers from other users.

The FileFlex Mailing List

FileFlex users have access to a free "listserv" feature. When you subscribe to this list, you'll be able to learn about new FileFlex releases, bug fixes, and news, as well as get regular tips and techniques. To subscribe, go to the FileFlex HQ home page (at and fill in the form.

How to Get Technical Support

Technical support is available free of charge for the first 30 days after purchase from Component. Although we don't normally charge for support after the first 30 days, we reserve the right to charge our then-current consulting fee for problems we consider complex and time-consuming. We also don't normally write or debug your applications for you. Please note that our preferred support method is electronic mail. We generally turn around email support questions within a day, but make no guarantee for phone or fax-based support queries. If you do call, you'll be asked for your download password (on your disk) to confirm you're a customer of the full version before you'll be able to get technical support from us.

The absolute best way to get support is via email to

If you need customer service regarding product orders, billing, etc, please contact

We would greatly appreciate it if you would not directly contact the program's author. He's often busy programming and we've got support people on-staff specifically to help you out.

Copyright © 1992-1998 by David Gewirtz, under license to Component Enterprises, Inc.

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