Using Samba

Using Samba

Robert Eckstein, David Collier-Brown, Peter Kelly
1st Edition November 1999
1-56592-449-5, Order Number: 4495
416 pages, $34.95

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Table of Contents

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This Edition

Chapter 1: Learning the Samba

Chapter 1.1: What is Samba?
Chapter 1.2: What Can Samba Do For Me?
Chapter 1.3: Getting Familiar with a SMB/CIFS Network
Chapter 1.4: Microsoft Implementations
Chapter 1.5: An Overview of the Samba Distribution
Chapter 1.6: How Can I Get Samba?
Chapter 1.7: What's New in Samba 2.0?
Chapter 1.8: And That's Not All...
Chapter 2: Installing Samba on a Unix System
Chapter 2.1: Downloading the Samba Distribution
Chapter 2.2: Configuring Samba
Chapter 2.3: Compiling and Installing Samba
Chapter 2.4: A Basic Samba Configuration File
Chapter 2.5: Starting the Samba Daemons
Chapter 2.6: Testing the Samba Daemons
Chapter 3: Configuring Windows Clients
Chapter 3.1: Setting Up Windows 95/98 Computers
Chapter 3.2: Setting Up Windows NT 4.0 Computers
Chapter 3.3: An Introduction to SMB/CIFS
Chapter 4: Disk Shares
Chapter 4.1: Learning the Samba Configuration File
Chapter 4.2: Special Sections
Chapter 4.3: Configuration File Options
Chapter 4.4: Server Configuration
Chapter 4.5: Disk Share Configuration
Chapter 4.6: Networking Options with Samba
Chapter 4.7: Virtual Servers
Chapter 4.8: Logging Configuration Options
Chapter 5: Browsing and Advanced Disk Shares
Chapter 5.1: Browsing
Chapter 5.2: Filesystem Differences
Chapter 5.3: File Permissions and Attributes on MS-DOS and Unix
Chapter 5.4: Name Mangling and Case
Chapter 5.5: Locks and Oplocks
Chapter 6: Users, Security, and Domains
Chapter 6.1: Users and Groups
Chapter 6.2: Controlling Access to Shares
Chapter 6.3: Authentication Security
Chapter 6.4: Passwords
Chapter 6.5: Windows Domains
Chapter 6.6: Logon Scripts
Chapter 7: Printing and Name Resolution
Chapter 7.1: Sending Print Jobs to Samba
Chapter 7.2: Printing to Windows Client Printers
Chapter 7.3: Name Resolution with Samba
Chapter 8: Additional Samba Information
Chapter 8.1: Supporting Programmers
Chapter 8.2: Magic Scripts
Chapter 8.3: Internationalization
Chapter 8.4: WinPopup Messages
Chapter 8.5: Recently Added Options
Chapter 8.6: Miscellaneous Options
Chapter 8.7: Backups with smbtar
Chapter 9: Troubleshooting Samba
Chapter 9.1: The Tool Bag
Chapter 9.2: The Fault Tree
Chapter 9.3: Extra Resources
Appendix A: Configuring Samba with SSL
Appendix A.1: About Certificates
Appendix A.2: Requirements
Appendix A.3: Installing SSLeay
Appendix A.4: Setting Up SSL Proxy
Appendix A.5: SSL Configuration Options
Appendix B: Samba Performance Tuning
Appendix B.1: A Simple Benchmark
Appendix B.2: Samba Tuning
Appendix B.3: Sizing Samba Servers
Appendix C: Samba Configuration Option Quick Reference

Appendix D: Summary of Samba Daemons and Commands

Appendix E: Downloading Samba with CVS

Appendix F: Sample Configuration File


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