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FileFlex API Reference

DBAddExactRelation: Create a subordinate, one-to-one relation
DBAddManyRelation: Create a subordinate, one-to-many or many-to-many relation
DBAverage: Average a field's value
DBBottom: Move to the last record
DBCheckIndex: Check index file integrity
DBClose: Close one database
DBCloseAll: Close all open databases
DBCloseIndex: Close an open index file
DBCloseRelation: Clear relational memory for all current relations
DBCloseSession: Close down FileFlex
DBColumnMash: Combine two columns together
DBConvertCRLF: Convert platform-specific end-of-lines
DBCopyright: Retrieve the FileFlex copyright message
DBCount: Count total records in database
DBCountMatches: Count the number of matches
DBCreate: Create a new database
DBCreateAuto: Create a new database with integrated index
DBCreateIndex: Create an index file
DBCurrDBNum: Retrieve number of the selected database
DBCurrRecNum: Retrieve the current record number
DBDatabaseExists: Determine if a Database Exists
DBDecrypt: Standalone function for decrypting data
DBDeleteRecs: Delete a set of records
DBEncrypt: Standalone function for encrypting data
DBFillColumn: Fill a column with a string
DBFindMemo: Full-text search in memo fields
DBGetCurrRecVal: Get the value of the current record
DBGetFieldByName: The the contents of a named field
DBGetGlobal: Internal test function retrieves a global value
DBGetMatchList: Retrieve a list of matches
DBGetMemo: Retrieve the contents of a memo field
DBGo: Move to a physical, numbered record
DBListFields: Retrieve the field definitions from a database
DBLockDB: Lock an entire database
DBLockRecord: Lock the current record
DBLower: Translate a string to lower case
DBMaxRecs: Retrieve the maximum records accessible
DBOpenSession: Initialize FileFlex
DBPack: Delete marked records and compact the database
DBQuery: Search records against query expression
DBRecallRecs: Undo DBDeleteRecs
DBRecordDeleted: Determine if the current record is deleted
DBRefreshRelation: Update changed relational data
DBReindex: Rebuild the index file
DBReindexAuto: Rebuild automatically opened index files
DBRelationalQuery: Set up the behavior of a relation
DBSeek: Search for a record using an index
DBSelect: Make a specified database active
DBSelectIndex: Make a specified index file active
DBSelectRelation: Make a specified relation active
DBSetGlobal: Internal test function sets a global value
DBSetParentRelation: Set the topmost relation in a relation tree
DBSetShared: Set the sharing mode for a database
DBSkip: Move the record pointer
DBSum: Add the value of a field across records
DBSuperPadString: Pad strings and columns
DBTop: Move to the first record in the database
DBTranslateChars: Translate a character string
DBUnlock: Unlock the currently selected database
DBUpper: Translate a string to upper case
DBUse: Open a database file
DBUseIndex: Open an index file
DBVersion: Retrieve the current version of FileFlex
DBWriteMemo: Update the contents of a memo field
DBWriteRec: Write data to the database
DBZapRecs: Delete and pack a set of records

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